Forgotten Password
Posted Sunday, March 11, 2012 08:58 PM

One of my Classmates has forgotten their password. 

  • Answer: You have 2 things you can do when a Classmate has forgotten his or her password. You should do them in this order:

    1. Have the Classmate use the password recovery feature to retrieve his or her password. The Classmate needs to go to your home page and click on "Forgot Password?" in the gray Log In box in the upper right corner. This will allow the Classmate to retrieve the lost password without your assistance.

    2. If for some reason the Classmate is unable to do #1 (for example maybe the Classmate no longer has access to the original email address) you can log into the Classmate's account details and change the Classmate's password to something else. The password is not shown for security purposes, but you can still change it to whatever you want. Once the password has been changed, have the Classmate log in using the new password. Once logged in, the Classmate can then change the password again if he or she desires.