Apple I-Pad Issues
Posted Wednesday, February 15, 2012 08:23 PM


  • I have found several issues with the web site while using an Apple I-Pad. Apple did not include Adobe Flash Player with the I-Pad and they do not allow the user to download the program. Many internet sites use flash player for video, graphics and etc..
  • This issue is not allowing all of the Home Page graphics to load across the top of the page and does not allow the music files to load and play. Everything else I tested on the web site seamed to work just fine. I looked through Class creators help forums and found one other issue with the I-Pad. Scrolling while editing a web page is also noted as a problem.  I did not experience that issue with any of the pages I editing.
  • I tested the web site on several PC's using different versions of Windows, and also tested the site using an Apple laptop. These systems all worked just fine with no issues.
  • I will look into the other web music sites available to see if any of them will work with an I-Pad.
  • If anyone has any ideas on getting around this issue, please let me know.